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Re: Are there any scripts to generate an updated Kickstart image?

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 03:35:33PM -0400, Hans Deragon wrote:
> Greetings.
>   When running kickstart using NFS, one has to create a directory where all 
>   the RPMs can be found.  getfullcomps.py and genhdlist are used to generate 
> the metadata a few data files required for anaconda to install the rpms.
>   What I am looking for are scripts that replaces old RPMs in such a 
>   directory with more recent ones and regenerate the data files.  The idea is 
> that after downloading the updates everynight, the kickstart image 
> directory is also updated so that no RPMs needs to be upgraded after an 
> install (well, until the next openssh security advisory comes up. :) )
>   Writting the scripts is easy, but I just want to know if anything already 
> exist before reinventing the wheel.

To update a collection of RPMs, try AutoUpdate.

  	AutoUpdate is a perl(1) script that can download new rpms from
	given remote sites and then pass them to rpm(8) to upgrade
	your system.  There are five independent modes, download, get,
	update/install, merge, and purge.  The mode will be determined
	by the invocation name and or command line options.

I've used it for RH 8.0 and found it quite useful. I don't know that
it will update any installation/configuration files.


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