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Re: RedHat SRPMS

I noticed you are a GCC developer.

Where is the gcc compiler used to compile the latest beta of Fedora? 
(i.e. cat /proc/version)

Does not appear to be part of the install.
I only see gcc-3.3 and gcc-2.96


On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 14:41, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Oct  5, 2003, Bill Anderson <bill noreboots com> wrote:
> > And as three FAQ states, the "any third party" is a third party who has
> > received the binaries, not just Joe on the Street.
> Well...  What if your wife (or anyone she distributed the binaries to)
> gave your written offer to someone else, without the binaries? :-)
> Wouldn't such a person still be entitled to get the sources?  Or how
> would you tell whether s/he actually got the binaries?
> Anyway...  we're way off topic here :-)  Better continue the
> discussion in private, if at all.  Or maybe news:gnu.misc.discuss :-)
Ernest L. Williams Jr. <ernesto ornl gov>

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