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Re: RedHat SRPMS

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On 05 Oct 2003 15:41:09 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Oct  5, 2003, Bill Anderson <bill noreboots com> wrote:
> > And as three FAQ states, the "any third party" is a third party who has
> > received the binaries, not just Joe on the Street.
> Well...  What if your wife (or anyone she distributed the binaries to)
> gave your written offer to someone else, without the binaries? :-)
> Wouldn't such a person still be entitled to get the sources?  Or how
> would you tell whether s/he actually got the binaries?

What if she gave away the complete product as received (not including
source, but including the written offer) and the CDs, which contain
the binaries, were not readable? ;)

The thing is passed on to another 3rd party. Whether complete or not,
doesn't matter.

The written offer could contain a license key and a specific address [or
even phone number] where to request the source code using the license
key or a copy of the written offer as input. It doesn't need to be a
publicly accessible ftp server with anonymous access.

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