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Re: dev fs LABEL=/

From: "Chuck Wolber" <chuckw quantumlinux com>

> > > I have this same problem with 2.4.20 on RH8.  Is there anyway to
> > > remove a FS label?  That appears to be the problem.
> > 
> > The program 'e2label' is just what you're looking for.
> Or go old skool:
> tune2fs -L label-name /dev/hdX

"Logically" if the fstab "LABEL=/" does not work with devfs then some
translation process is not taking place correctly. That means the disk
label MAY mean nothing. If its presence guarantees a mistranslation
then the only help is "e2label <path to device>" to create a blank
or empty label. If you figure out what the form is for <path to device>
simply use that in fstab and be done with it.

I wonder if this is somehow related to having the wrong mod-utils
with the kernel package.

{^_^}   I also admit, I don't guarantee the logic above. There could
        be a fatal issue with devfs that means you just aren't going
        to boot using devfs the way you want.

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