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RE: Fedora and the System Administrator

	Buck you're no way close to old.  Coming up on 63.  If people 
thing that they have problems with RHEL they should consider the little 
extra hoops I have to jump through.  We have a purchasing system that 
excels in red tape.  To order something of the web using a credit card is 
impossible unless you want to use your own and loan the state money.  To 
purchase from one vendor it take a mountain of paper work.  I needed ove 
twenty copies of ES. Wanted the basic edition but that required a download 
and payment by card.  Finally had to order the standard version through an 
"approved reseller".  I can't wait until next year when I try to figure 
out how to pay for the renewal :-)

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Buck wrote:

> I definitely stand corrected on being the "old man" in the group.  There
> are certainly more of us than I expected.
> Thanks to all,
> Buck

David E. Tetreault                        davet uriacc uri edu
Manager of Technical Support              401-874-4472
OIS/TOPS, Tyler Hall
University of Rhode Island
Kingston RI 02881

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