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RE: Boot Problem

Thanx, I'll give a try

Btw, while I was installing it, it prompt me that my partition table isn't
correct (but can be fixable later). Can this be the reason of it ?

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On 2003 Oct 05 Sunday 12:06, Ozkan ALTUNER wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded and installed severn. After successful installation it 
> doesn't boot at all. I see the graphical boot screen but when it comes 
> to "starting printing system" it hangs.
> How can i solve it?
> Thanks,
> Ozkan
It should be rebuilding your /etc/cups/ppds.dat. Other reason can be badly
configured/missing DNS. Wait a while and if nothing happends try booting in
single mode "linux single" and stopping all services (or just cups "service
cups off"), boot normaly, start them one by one "service x start" and see
what's wrong.

  Doncho N. Gunchev

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