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Re: Bugs...

On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 04:17:24PM +0000, Miguel Angel Morales García wrote:
> Hi.
> Sorry I dont speak english... Im spanish :-).
> Evolution 1.4 => Close Evolution application no respond.
> YUM => List very small of applications to download ¿?
> RedHat-Install-Packages => Install Finish no respond application
may I add it:
- redhat-install-packages, can't detect installation cdrom, having confuse
in my 2 cdroms, (1 cdrom, 1 cdrw), 
1. select some packages
2. cdrom tray open, insert cd inst 1
3. installation request cd inst 1, click OK, tray close
4. didn't found it, cdrw seem having some reading cdrom

- bluecurve themes, seems having problem in button location(close,maximize,minimize) in maximize window
  I have a screenshot in :

so now, I'm using titlebar Mist, and have good behavior

- is there any suggestion for create /etc/libao.conf by default, 
  because it seem for some apps that not using esd by default, used OSS
  like vorbis ogg, and for gcompris, that I must set default driver to esd
  to get simultanous playing sound(gcompris have background music and sound effect). I have a ac97(via82cxxx)

Lewi Supranata .K
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