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Re: Certification -- might I suggest LPI to _augment_ your Red Hat certification?

Quoting "Benjamin J. Weiss" <benjamin weiss name>:
> I'm wondering about this as well.  I had started to study for my RHCE
> using RH 9.  I figured that it would be beneficial for both RHL *and* RHEL,
> and of course RHL is no more.  So, I'm trying to decide whether it is
> worth it to continue.

First off, let Red Hat _clarify_ their certification plans before moving on.  
All they have seemingly done is clarify their re-certification of existing 
RHCT/RHCEs at this point.

> There is no way in hell that I can afford any of the RHES offerings for
> home use, there's no way in hell that my boss will allow me to mess with
> the RHES AS server that we have up, as it's a production machine.

Secondly, you _can_ (or at least could previously) get RHEL AS as a low-cost 
(sub-$100?) "developer" subscription.  It's not guaranteed (let alone 
supported) as the full version, but it _does_ give you a "developer" version -- 
something you could run athome.

Third, you can always build from SRPMs as well.  There are various HOWTOs 
available.  Red Hat _does_ give you the tools to do it too.

> So, if RHCE won't correlate to Fedora, then there's really no point
> in my spending my money.

Lastly, might I suggest LPI to _augment_ your Red Hat certification?  This is 
not a LPI v. Red Hat statement, just that it can't hurt to get both.  LPI is 
big in Japan and Germany, the US being #3 in LPI certifications, and there are 
only 69 LPIC-2 certified individuals in the US.

-- Bryan "TheBS" Smith
   RHCE9, LPIC-2, Linux+

Bryan J. Smith, E.I.  mailto:b j smith ieee org  http://thebs.org
There is no greater ignorance than the popular American environ-
mental movement, which focuses on the most useless details.  Be it
recycling the world's most renewable resource or refusal to use
proven CFC insulation on launch vehicles, no lives will be spared
in the further pursuit of, ironically, harming the environment.

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