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Re: Certification

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On Tuesday 07 Oct 2003 7:24 pm, Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:
> > I know this topic has been vaguely discussed on this list already, but I
> > haven't seen anything that is concrete regarding the future of the RHCE
> > and RHCT. Specifically, I need a feeling for whether the RHCT and RHCE
> > should be taught (as much as it can be taught) these days at all using
> > Fedora Core or not.
> I'm wondering about this as well.  I had started to study for my RHCE using
> RH 9.  I figured that it would be beneficial for both RHL *and* RHEL, and
> of course RHL is no more.
> So, I'm trying to decide whether it is worth it to continue.  There is no
> way in hell that I can afford any of the RHES offerings for home use,
> there's no way in hell that my boss will allow me to mess with the RHES AS
> server that we have up, as it's a production machine.  So, if RHCE won't
> correlate to Fedora, then there's really no point in my spending my money.
> Ben
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I started asking this question myself on the fedora and redhat freenode irc 
channels too. Disappointing, as I can't afford RHEL either. What are our 

I would hate to see skills go to waste due to money.

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Trying to be a RHCE
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