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Re: Certification

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From: "G Henry" <gavin henry magicfx co uk>
> > I'm wondering about this as well.  I had started to study for my RHCE using
> > RH 9.  I figured that it would be beneficial for both RHL *and* RHEL, and
> > of course RHL is no more.

> > server that we have up, as it's a production machine.  So, if RHCE won't
> > correlate to Fedora, then there's really no point in my spending my money.
> I started asking this question myself on the fedora and redhat freenode irc

I think there are three basic options.

1) Ideally, Red Hat will offer a lower cost / time limited "demo" version of RHEL Server and Workstation (for the RHCE and RHCT
exams, respectively). I gather that these exams have been such as cash cow for Red Hat that there's no way that they'd kill this
golden goose.

2) As Bryan implied, there is a way to build RHEL from the source code. The source code for RHEL2.1 is freely available. I expect
the same for the RHEL 3 source code. The main source for this is Michael Redlinger's HOWTO at

I haven't tried it myself, but I gather it takes 2-3 days of work to build RHEL from source.

The folks at cAos are working on this as well - see www.caosity.org . One of their goals is to build RHEL from source and distribute
it, without the Red Hat moniker, on ISOs and CDs.

3) Work from Fedora. The tools associated with RHEL and Fedora are not significantly different - with respect to the RHCE and RHCT
requirements. However, I expect this will change as Fedora evolves. By the time RHEL 4 is released, maybe in 2005, I'm guessing this
will no longer be an option.


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