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Re: Certification

From: "G Henry" <gavin henry magicfx co uk>

I'm wondering about this as well.  I had started to study for my RHCE using
RH 9.  I figured that it would be beneficial for both RHL *and* RHEL, and
of course RHL is no more.

Maybe I'm late on this, but my understanding is that the RHCE is good for a couple or three major versions of RHL. That is, I took the exam based on RHL9 while RHEL 2.1 was current. My certification is good for until RHEL 5 or so. At least that was what was explained in the Red Hat stuff I was given.

The course I took was RHL9 based and does not indicate any difference between certification for RHL and RHEL. Operationally RHL and RHEL are fairly similar so I'd say press on with your preparations! If you do Fedora you'll probably be more skilled than those who just do RHL or RHEL.



been there,
done that,
wrote a recovery procedure.

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