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Re: Bugs...

Lewi schrieb:


thank you, it works for me I get metacity-2.6.2 from rawhide then rebuild it. but there is still problem, in gtk1 apps

I've updated to 2.6.2-1 from rawhide and that did it for me. (not rebuild a srpm)

(screenshot: http://mbone.petra.ac.id/~ichtus/fedora/Screenshot.png)
like what I'm using gnomesword, don't get benefit from updating metacity
others is good

and I noticed that quanta(kde), don't compatible about window position in
maximize window,
if last state is maximizing, then when I loading again
it won't maximize, different if quanta last state is in umaximize
when I loading again, the position window is fine

??? I'll check out if this happens at my box, too.

Has anybody tried xawtv in metacity??? It's horrible: You can hardly move the window, if you do so to fast, the picture looses it's connetion to the window. I'll do a screenshot of that.


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