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Re: Fedora Installation vs Red Hat 9

> > No, this is skipped. You can select sets of packages, but "choose
> > indivual packages" is gone. :-( I don't think this is a progress.
> Well, you have the option of selecting a group, such as KDE, Gnome, web
> server, email server, etc.. then you are able to select certain
> individual packages from those.  You just can't select each individual
> package that exist like the old days.  Some are automatic when you
> select/deselect within that group.

    I'd have to cast my vote for having "choose individual packages" back.
There are many times I want a package out of a group, but not the "Default"
packages in that group. In many cases, at least with RH9, the "default"
packages are not even dependancies for a sub-package in the same group. (At
least for the packages that I needed at the time. Can I remember what they
were? No, of course not. ;) )


Adam Debus
Linux Certified Professional, Linux Certified Administrator #447641
Network Engineer, ReachONE Internet
adam reachone com

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