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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 17:17, Paul Gear wrote:

> (As an aside, i suggest to RH that a good way to fix the distribution
> problem would have been to change your trademark policy and allow
> resellers to reproduce a set of ISOs and call it Red Hat Linux, bundle
> it in whatever packaging they chose (probably with a selected set of
> logos that are approved for use by resellers), with or without printed
> manuals, and drop the centralised installation support (resellers or
> retailers could offer it at their discretion).  That way resellers could
> make the boxed sets and the only thing you'd be responsible for would be
> giving them the ISOs - all of the other distribution costs could be left
> to them.  Don't forget that you did win an award (last year?) for being
> the best product to resell - that will be
>  all gone in the brave new world of RHEL.)

Doing so would destroy the RedHat name brand. I've worked with and for
many smaller 'resellers' (not linux resellers per say, since I have that
covered on my end) over the years. Very few of them are competent, or
have enough competent staff. For some reason they stay in business
because their competition is equally incompetent.

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