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Re: Fedora Installation vs Red Hat 9

Bill Anderson schrieb:

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 10:46, Adam Debus wrote:

I'd have to cast my vote for having "choose individual packages" back.


It is far easier to add packages after install than remove them. Why
should I *have* to spend extra time/space to stall stuff I am than going
to remove??

Yes, this is just like the Win2k/XP way, and to me it seems stupid.

"Build a kickstart file.. " is usually followed by "after installing and
removing...", Well, see above. Also, that assumes multiple identical

Leave the option there.

As somebody allready mentioned: Since "Select individual Packages" was disabled by default, there is no reason to remove this option, since it's no additional mouse click by default. Automatically resolving dependencies is ok for most users, but I liked it the old way (Options to leave alone, select automatically and to go back).

Onother topic are the dependencies. Doing a minimal install, you get spellchecking installed. Who needs a spellchecker on a minimal system, e.g. a server? Even if some funky php-features require it, I'll never use them. In this case spellchecking might be placed as an optional (meta)package into one (or more) categories, or, if "Select individual packages" is back again it's ok to do it as default in the categories.
In RH9 kdenetwork depended on kdegames. Really good for a productive corperate network :-)
(not sure, if it's still like that in severn)

Just my humble opinion

Christoph Wickert

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