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Re: Fedora Installation vs Red Hat 9


	Personally I don't really like the way that Debian installs, a rather
tricky interface to use. Just tried Debian 3.0 and it wasn't a great
experience and so I went back to RedHat 9. I have always like teh way
RedHat has setup its install process.

	I don't mind a core install followed by the pkgs and the connecting to
the update server too, but I think that there should be some serious
detection and installation of all network services required to contact
said update server, which I found very cryptic in Debian.
	But for sure the idea has merits.



> It seems better to only need to code/maintain one package manager
> (versus having both the installer manager and the post-install manager),
> and to let the user have a running system while installing software. 
> Plus it would be possible to, as with Debian, connect to the updates
> server during install, so you don't have to install an out-of-date
> package and *then* upgrade it, but install get the updated package
> straight from the start.  (if the user has a 'net connection and doesn't
> uncheck the "look for updates" option)
Aly S.P Dharshi
aly dharshi uleth ca
Southern Alberta Digital Library Project
        "A good speech is like a good dress
         that's short enough to be interesting
         and long enough to cover the subject"

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