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Fedora 0.94 & speedtouch and misc.

Hello all,

I downloaded and installed Fedora 0.94 today, in order to test it a while.

My config is:

- Sony Vayo pcg-grx416g
- HD 30 Go (windows-ntfs/vfat-for-storage/linux-part/swap)
- Videocard ATI Radeon Mobility 7500, 32 Mo
- flat screen 1600x1200
- mouse Logitech Mouseman Traveller (optical mouse)
- USB Hub with :
    Palm Tungsten T pda
    HP Deskjet 3420 printer
    Canon Canoscan N1240U
    Momobay hd 40 Go, divied in 2 vfat partitions

The installation process was very cool, no problem at all, french support was ok, 40mn later I had a beautifull Gnome desktop. The first impression was very great!

- /etc/fstab

I had to edit /etc/fstab in order to add everything excepted CD-Rom.
/hda5 (vfat), sda1 (vfat) and sda5(vfat) were not mounted during the
installation. I tried to mount /hda1 (ntfs) but after the reboot I could
see that the system didn't mount it, for it's a ntfs partition (with
Mandrake 9.2, I could at least access some files in /hda1).

- adsl connexion (modprobe bug?)

I tried to install the speedtouch drivers from Benoit Papillaut. I
followed a step-by-step configuration found here:
Everything was ok until I launched the startadsl script in a root
console. I still get error messages like "modprobe not found" and
"modem_run not found".
So I typed "modprobe usbcore" in a root console and got the same kind of
error message: "modprobe: command not found".
How is it possible??? Did I miss something in the install process?

- 3D acceleration?

Testing Mandrake 9.2 few days ago, I had the support for 3D
acceleration, and so I could launch and play TuxRacer or some OpenGL
screensavers. Now in Fedora I guess 3D support is not installed... How
to install it? What package should I install?

I didn"t try the pda, the printer and the scanner yet.

Thanks for your help everyone!

(and sorry for my english, I am french)



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