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Re: Initial Question

On Sat, 2003-10-11 at 13:40, Paulo Schopf wrote:
> Hi.

As is already mentioned on the website on these forum archives, if you

>     I read a lot about fedora but Im not understanding too much about the
> goals of this project. So, I have some questions:
>     - In the future, will not the RH free edition be available?

Fedora is RH free edition, basically.  Anything with the "Red Hat" brand
on it will be the Enterprise Linux, of which you can look at the Red Hat
site for more info.

>     - If I use RH9 in my installations, should I migrate to Fedora?

If you plan on moving forward, yes.  RH9 will only have errata for so
long, before you're stuck on your own.  Others have offered to continue
maintaining errata/updates to RH9 for security issues.

If you want to move forward, you need to go to Fedora.  Fedora 1 will be
the exact same thing as Red Hat 10, except the logo/name/version will be

>     - Will updates thru up2date toll be available in Fedora?

They are for now, don't see this changing.  You'll need to pay for real
service likely, tho.  Also note that Fedora has yum in the package list,
and (possibly) apt-get in the future.

> Regards,
> Paulo Schopf
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