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Re: easy networking question (maybe)

no verizon DSL doesn't block port 80 AFAIK.
I have a web-server running on my home machine and people from outside CAN connect to it...
I have been a Verizon DSL customer for over year now.
I have the regular residential DSL account

check your DNS entries... you have to use a dynamic DNS because Verizon residential DSL only supports dhcp clients. No static IPs.

josh lynch wrote:

I was trying to set up Fedora as a web server. (my first under my new ISP,
which is Verizon DSL.) Well, I couldn't get anyone outside my lan to see my
web server. It ends up, Verizon blocks port 80. Of course I can get out to
other sites, but no one can view my page. I was told though, that I could
use other ports instead of 80. Is this true?


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