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Re: Fedora and mainstream redhat compatibility

Am So, den 12.10.2003 schrieb Darryl Luff um 14:33:
> I'm a bit confused about the direction the 'new', Redhat-sponsored 
> Fedora linux is taking, compared to the 'old' Fedora linux.

You will find all the details at http://fedora.redhat.com

As I understand it, the old Red Hat Linux is now fedora core with some
modifications regarding support, life cycle, ...  Currently the packages
are maintained by Red Hatters, just as before. In the future third party
maintainer may join the core project. 

The old fedora project is now fedora contribute / extra with some
modifications regarding packages which may raise legal issues in the US.
These packages have been moved to servers located in the free part of
the world under a different name (again because of potential legal
issues in the US), one of them is  http://rpm.livna.org/

You may contribute to the new fedora contrib / extra or to one of the
external fedora repositories (depending on the legal status of the
software) just as you could before.


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