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Re: Fedora kernel philosophy question. was: kernel question

The Fedora kernel is patched, but I wouldnt call it too far off, most of 
the patches are semi mainline, 0(1) scheduler, nptl, etc.  The AC patches 
are generally there.  Typically the Red Hat kernels are patched with these 
enhancements that have been tested fairly well, and are expected to 
appear in a future kernel.org kernel.  2.6 will drop in fairly well on 
Fedora.  Generally with Red Hat's patches, they will not effect userland 
significantly unless they are already close to a future mainline kernel 
(2.6 as of late).


On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:

> > > IIRC, the most recent stable kernel from kernel.org is 2.4.22.  2.6
> > > isn't yet stable.
> >
> > ummmm ... there are buttloads of people using the current 2.6.0
> > test release quite happily at the moment.  i've been on it since
> > 2.5.4x and i've never had it lock up on me or do anything bad.
> >
> > if you really need 2.6 functionality, just get the kernel.
> This brings a question to mind.  I never downloaded and compiled a kernel
> under RedHat, as I'd heard that RedHat kernels had been massively patched
> and that the packages that came with RH were tuned or something to work with
> the patched kernel.
> Is Fedora Core going to do the same thing with the kernel (massively patch,
> add in functionality, etc) or is it going to go with the stock kernels from
> kernel.org?
> Thanks!
> Ben
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