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Re: Fedora kernel philosophy question. was: kernel question

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Kevin Worthington wrote:

> > This brings a question to mind.  I never downloaded and compiled a kernel
> > under RedHat, as I'd heard that RedHat kernels had been massively patched
> > and that the packages that came with RH were tuned or something to work with
> > the patched kernel.
> > 
> > Is Fedora Core going to do the same thing with the kernel (massively patch,
> > add in functionality, etc) or is it going to go with the stock kernels from
> > kernel.org?

> So far, Fedora Core ships with kernels like the ones in Red Hat Linux.
> It will probably continue in this manner...

i've been downloading and building the straight www.kernel.org kernels
for some time now, since about 2.5.45, and i've had good luck with those.
currently, i'm on fedora 2, with kernel 2.6.0-test7.  pretty happy so
far.  be even happier once i figure out ACPI.


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