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Re: Fedora kernel philosophy question. was: kernel question

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 08:03:36AM -0500, Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:

 > Is Fedora Core going to do the same thing with the kernel (massively patch,
 > add in functionality, etc) or is it going to go with the stock kernels from
 > kernel.org?

For the 2.4 kernel, its not going to diverge any more than it has
already. This means we have some of the extra features folks asked
like exec-shield, nptl, O(1) scheduler etc.  Most of the changes that
are going in right now, are either backports of fixes from 2.4.23pre,
or fixes for the already merged patches, and occasionally, fixes for
something random (which is getting pushed back upstream asap) (typically
these come from bugzilla reports).

For the 2.6 kernel when we get to FC2, we're hoping to get things a lot
closer to mainline, and hopefully keep it that way. Already we have 1-2
things there (Exec-shield springs to mind), but with any luck, we can
push a lot of the smaller stuff upstream, and with O(1), nptl etc
already being merged there, that's a whole bunch of patches we don't
have to worry about.


 Dave Jones     http://www.codemonkey.org.uk

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