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Okay - Gripe time

I thought - great, new fedora release, let's look at the release notes to 
see what's in store.

WHOA!!! perfect!!! built-in ACPI support!!! no more rebuilding custom 
kernels to handle power management and so on... right? WRONG!!!

*sigh* it's only going to be used for device enumeration, not power 
management and so on.

I have a fairly new, low-end Compaq notebook that only has an ACPI 
subsystem, no APM. So in order to get power management and various other 
little tricks (specifically changing the display brightness and 
auto-switching between the touchpad and the PS/2 mouse), i had to compile 
up a custom kernel, patched with ACPI support.

Please please please please please can we try to get power management and 
stuff into the ACPI support before Fedora Core 9.1 (or 10, or are they 
numbering the releases from 1 again?). Everything else about this release 
has me excited - but I probably wont be upgrading my notebook until this 
is sorted.

Oh and one more thing - someone plese wave a wand and get 2D/3D
accelerated support for the Radeon Mobility U1 (IGP 320M) into the kernel
and auto-detecting at install :-) Now *that* would be sweet.

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