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Re: Okay - Gripe time

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 22:30, Dan Goodes wrote:
> I thought - great, new fedora release, let's look at the release notes to 
> see what's in store.
> WHOA!!! perfect!!! built-in ACPI support!!! no more rebuilding custom 
> kernels to handle power management and so on... right? WRONG!!!
> *sigh* it's only going to be used for device enumeration, not power 
> management and so on.
> I have a fairly new, low-end Compaq notebook that only has an ACPI 
> subsystem, no APM. So in order to get power management and various other 
> little tricks (specifically changing the display brightness and 
> auto-switching between the touchpad and the PS/2 mouse), i had to compile 
> up a custom kernel, patched with ACPI support.

Actually, the support is there, I'm using it on my Compaq Presario
2715US, just add acpi=on to the end of your kernel line in grub like so:
kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.22-1.2087.nptl ro root=LABEL=/ hdc=ide-scsi acpi=on

> Please please please please please can we try to get power management and 
> stuff into the ACPI support before Fedora Core 9.1 (or 10, or are they 
> numbering the releases from 1 again?). Everything else about this release 
> has me excited - but I probably wont be upgrading my notebook until this 
> is sorted.

I think the next release was going to be Fedora Core 1.


Joshua Legbandt <jtlegbandt earthlink net>

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