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Re: Okay - Gripe time

Hi Mike and Others,

Thanks for the feedback.

Re: IGP support, I was actually kinda kidding - while it would be nice, I 
wasn't expecting a miracle. I've done plenty of background reading into 
why the support is very experimental, and I appreciate the work you folks 
do to get the stuff happening.

Re: ACPI support, thanks to all the folks who've corrected me on this one 
- I was only going on what the release notes state: "When enabled, ACPI is 
used for device enumeration, but not for sleeping or reducing power 

Other than that, the release is pretty damn exciting. Since this is my 
work notebook I wont be able to test out the power/acpi stuff (and am 
probably a bit hesitant about installing a beta/test anyway). But I'm 
definitely looking forward to next month's release.

Great work folks!

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Dan Goodes wrote:
> >Oh and one more thing - someone plese wave a wand and get 2D/3D
> >accelerated support for the Radeon Mobility U1 (IGP 320M) into the kernel
> >and auto-detecting at install :-) Now *that* would be sweet.
> Radeon IGP 3D support is not only extremely experimental at the 
> current state of upstream development, but it is not included in 
> the XFree86 CVS tree destined for the 4.4.0 release, nor is it 
> included in the DRI CVS yet to my knowledge.
> I can state for certain that there will not be Radeon IGP 3D 
> acceleration support in XFree86 4.3.0 in Fedora Core 1.
> Hopefully, the issues present with the current experimental patch 
> will be ironed out, and this support will make its way into 
> DRI-CVS.  The XFree86 feature freeze for 4.4.0 is on Oct 15th, 
> 2003, so this is unlikely to be included in the 4.4.0 release 
> either unless the XFree86 CVS commiters permit it into the tree 
> without considering it a highly experimental feature.
> Depending on if the 4.4.0 release hits it's targetted release 
> date, Fedora Core 2 may contain XFree86 4.4.0.  During 
> development of Fedora Core 2, I may consider applying the 3D 
> support patches if:
> 1) Someone sends me Radeon IGP laptop or motherboard hardware 
> with which to test/debug/etc.
> or
> 2) Enough people test the support that it is considered at least 
> as stable as any other Radeon support, and does not regress the 
> driver at all.
> I won't however just shove in highly experimental known-buggy 3D 
> support for Radeon IGP, just because numerous IGP users out there 
> are anxious to get 3D support.  It will be supported _only_ when 
> it is considered stable and reliable upstream.  In particular by 
> the developers working on it.
> Hope this helps explain the IGP situation.


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