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Re: Rawhide Yum Repository

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 14:41, Charles Curley wrote:
> It appears that Red Hat's Rawhide server is yum-enabled (yumified?
> yummied?).

How 'bout simply - yummy?

Does this mean I need to do the yum thing now that I finally got used to
apt-get if I want to utilize  non RH er, Fedora er, Fedora Core er,
(well, you get the idea) packages? Or is setting up both the best thing
to do to get easy access to everything out there?  THAT sounds like a

I just dl'ed the isos for severn, I am assuming that this is severn 3. 
I will be installing it on a standalone test box soon.

BTW is the redhat site the best place to search the archives for this
list or is there another MARC-like archive that folks use.  I have been
semi lurking this list but have not paid very close attention to what
has been going on and like to search before asking.

FWIW I am excited about this new era in the RedHat [r]evolution and hope
to be able to contribute to the cause.


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