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Re: OpenGroupware? -- how is it "crippled" at the server???

Quoting Maarten Stolte <maarten stolte papuaos org>:
> would not be a good reason, since afaik, it is useable without it for 
> non-outlook users.
> I do think its a weird sort of opensource, seems rather crippled, on 
> both client- and server-side.

Huh?  I didn't see that "crippling" at all.  It seems to be a full-up, XML-RPC, 
WebDAV, HTTP collaboration server.  What do you see is "crippled" on the server?

They _only_ charge for the 100% client-side MAPI client.  When do you need 
such?  _Only_ when your client is Windows, and _only_ when it is running 

Understand this isn't merely a "we charge for Windows" view.  It's a "we charge 
for Microsoft" view.  You _can_ use _other_ Windows clients for both WebDAV/XML-
RPC/HTTP access to its collaboration and server-side storage solutions (e.g., 

> I'd advice to look at Kolab if such a server is to go in; it is much 
> more open, has closed and open clients,

Again, I'm confused.   I see OpenGroupware fitting the same bill.

> and the only disadvantage I can think of is that the developers made
> it for OpenPKG, which means it'd  need to be 'ported' to redhat to
> some degree.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I.  mailto:b j smith ieee org  http://thebs.org
[NT-based] Windows itself has never been the primary issue with
security.  Secure configuration of Windows prevents 98% of Windows
software from working properly, especially Microsoft's own.
Hence why a secure Windows is not an option for enterprises and
consumers alike, since it would prevent them from working.

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