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Re: OpenGroupware? -- how is it "crippled" at the server???

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Maarten Stolte wrote:

> me neither, but looking on the opengroupware pages it seems they opened
> up their older product, and they didn't provide a client apart from a
> webclient which received a very poor review in an english linux
> magazine. Kolab already has a good kde client, and a good web-client in
> the making (based on horde cvs).
> So for now, Kolab looks like the more mature and for now more open
> solution to me, but hey, as we said before, its about definitions now it
> seems...

That's because OpenGroupware doesn't *need* to provide a client. They
support standards, so all the existing clients Just Work. Although the Kolab
format is open (IMAP+ftp access to vcards, etc.), it's not a protocol
combination any existing clients support, or are ever likely to support, so
unlike OGo Kolab has to make their own client.... For example, look at
Evolution or Mozilla. Both work with OGo.  Neither work with Kolab. It's 
again getting back to openness. OGo lets you choose your clients. Kolab 
doesn't. OGo lets you choose your servers. Kolab doesn't.


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