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Re: OpenGroupware? -- WebDav and iCalendar = not "open"??? WTF?

Quoting Maarten Stolte <maarten stolte papuaos org>:
> me neither, but looking on the opengroupware pages it seems they
> opened up their older product, and they didn't provide a client
> apart from a webclient which received a very poor review in an
> english linux magazine.

Fair enough.  But it does work with Mozilla, iCalendar, etc..., based on the 
_standard_ those programs use.

> Kolab already has a good kde client, and a good web-client
> in the making (based on horde cvs).
> So for now, Kolab looks like the more mature

And that maybe so.

> and for now more open solution to me,

I gotta disagree there.

A published WebDav implementation for shared storage, as well as the same 
iCalendar standard in use by Mozilla, Apple, etc... is quite _open_ from my 
point of view.  Especially considering the functionality offered in comparison 
to other servers.

> but hey, as we said before, its about definitions now it seems...

If you don't like my "definitions," don't use them.  I'm not using them to 
explain why OpenGroupware is "better," just to show that OpenGroupware 
_is_ "open."

I hate the concept of "Proprietary" and "Open" as the two extremes (just like I 
hate the concept of "Liberal" and "Conservative" from a US political view), 
since many so-called "open" projects are more "proprietary" and there are 
also "good" proprietary solutions as well (hence "Commerceware v. Hostageware" -
- instead of just "proprietary").

Bryan J. Smith, E.I.  mailto:b j smith ieee org  http://thebs.org
[NT-based] Windows itself has never been the primary issue with
security.  Secure configuration of Windows prevents 98% of Windows
software from working properly, especially Microsoft's own.
Hence why a secure Windows is not an option for enterprises and
consumers alike, since it would prevent them from working.

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