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Re: OpenGroupware? -- how is it "crippled" at the server???

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Maarten Stolte wrote:

> If OOo's project takes off, and Evolution or Mozilla gets open/complete
> OGo implementations, then, and only then, can OGo be considered a full
> product.

You're missing my point. If I want to, I can use evolution for my email and,
say, the web interface for OGo and go with OGo. I can't do that with Kolab.  
To work with Kolab from the MUA even just using simple MUA functionality,
without calendaring, etc., every existing IMAP client must be modified to
realize that some IMAP folders are special contact folders, and not normal
IMAP folders to be displayed as emails. That's unavoidable -- it's inherent
to the design of Kolab....

With OGo, in contrast, MUA functionality is straight, non-extended IMAP, and
the format that's used for accessing calendaring, etc. is WebDAV. It's
already supported by some clients (Mozilla), others are adding it
(Evolution), and it doesn't break existing functionality in existing
clients. This means that until clients support the protocols needed for
calendaring, they can still function just as MUAs using the existing
standards that they support, like IMAP. In contrast, point any random IMAP
client at a Kolab server and watch the sparks fly as you try to switch back
and forth....

What that means is that you can introduce OGo into an organization
gradually. People can use existing MUAs and still function at the same level
they always have. With Kolab, you really need to cut over completely both
client and server....


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