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Re: OpenGroupware? -- Groupwise = CAL-"wise," so how is thiscomparable???

On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 15:02, Chris Ricker wrote:
> I've heard you can actually use the Ximian Connector to interface the 
> two, though I've not tried. Ximian did open up the groupwise connector as 
> a starting point for the OGo connector though....

"Open up" is relative.

E.g., is Groupwise iCalendar compliant?  Or any other standard?

No.  So how does that "help" OGo?

Novell owns Ximian.  Given the fact that there was _no_ major Groupwise
client for Linux/UNIX, this wasn't anything "special."  It's a marketing
move by Novell, because it sells more Groupwise licenses.

Because Groupwise is sold <pun>CAL-wise</pun>.

Frankly, I'm a little shocked at the belittlement of a company that
basically gave away its entire, 100% Standards-based (XML-RPC, WebDAV,
iCalendar) back-end.   No strings attached ala GPL/LGPL.

I mean, people are recommending Freedomware/Standardsware solutions that
are either far less capable (e.g., various, simple FTP/HTTP "free/busy"
solutions), or Commerceware (e.g., Groupwise).

A server cannot solve the problem of a client that is
non-standards-based.  At least not without a massive reverse engineering
effort (e.g., Samba), or licensing.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the reason, in the case of Outlook,
_is_ licensing.  That's what kept HP OpenMail from going GPL as well.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I.  mailto:b j smith ieee org  http://thebs.org

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