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Re: Ximian redcarpet not starting

Eric JEANNIN wrote:

I've just install Fedora Core Test 3 (doing a fresh install rather than upgrading from RHL9) and I'd like to install Ximian Exchange Connector for Evolution. So far the only way I know to download this component is using RedCarpet (Ximian's Updater). So I've download the last rpms from their web site and install it. But rcd (RedCarpet local daemon) doesn't start (actually it say "started OK" but doesn't start) so I can't user RedCarpet. Does anyone know what is the problem ?

Ximian (the distributor of both RedCarpet and Connector) does not support Severn at all.
Ximian only supports RH7.3,8,9 and Mandrake 9.1 and SUSE 8.2

Even running Ximian connector on a clean RH9 system is a pain.
RedHat and XImian have had different ideas about how to group different gnome related components into packages,
and it has resulted in there being various chains of dependencies that can cause "catch-22's".
Basically it means that in order to get XimianConnector installed and operational has meant breaking your systems
clean package state if you use GNOME desktop from RedHat.

My suggestion... If you are really using your Linux box for work related things, stick with RedHat 9 or Mandrake 9.1
until Ximian and Fedora come to some kind of solution (maybe never ?)

My solution was to buy Codeweavers Crossover Office and then install MSOffice2K's Outlook on my Linux box.
It lets me satisfy the PHB's calendar and task toys.

Just waiting for
Ogo / dovecot / procmail / spam-assasin
to be integrated and wrapped up with fedora-config-utilities
and for OOO-Glow to be released in version 1.1
Then I will demo a cost saving alternative to MS Exchange and see how it works.


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