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rpm segfault (was Re: Flash for Mozilla using Fedora CORE)

> > rpm -ihv flash-plugin-6.0.79-1.i386.rpm
> > warning: flash-plugin-6.0.79-1.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 8df56d05
> > Segmentation fault

Hey...I had rpm segfault on me in 0.95 when trying to install my
self-packaged versions of Acrobat Reader and RealPlayer, both of which
are not built on Fedora. And now flashplayer, also not built on 0.95,
makes rpm segfault...is this a know issue? I'll get back tomorrow with
-vvv and/or strace output. 


Note: both rpms work fine in RH9 where they were built. Tried rebuilding
acrobat reader on 0.95, but it made no difference. Moreover, I'm
thinking of opening a bugzilla entry on AR/RP to get feedbakc on the
specfiles, and then possibly convince Adobe and/or Real to allow
redistribution (albeit somwehat restricted) in the same way as
flashplayer is redistributed now. It should really be in their interest
to have their product easily installable and working out of the box on
RH/Fedora...any suggestions/feedback on this matter is very welcome.

/Me again     

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