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Re: Newcomers questions

> 1) Instability - the system hangs - seems to be random but it locks up
> completely. Mouse freezes, screen saver freezes, keyboard is gone - have
> to power cycle to get it back. Sometimes it happens repeatedly - every 5
> minutes or so. Other times, it will go for 1-2 days without any problem.
> No idea what is going on - nothing in the log files that I can identify
> as a problem.... 

This could be due to a cruddy graphics driver - I ran into that here with 
an ati radeon 9800 or some such - You may want to see if you can fetch one 
from your vendor.

> 2) 
>    a) Evolution 1.4 - hangs on exit - Someone told me this was a known
> problem, and that it was fixed in a more recent version - I installed
> the latest package I could find (1.4.5) but it still hangs.
>    b) Filters - I use SpamAssassing to tag incoming mail and put a
> filter in Evolution to delete it. Spam is being tagged, but the filter
> does not seem to be invoked....

I could have sworn that there was a thread in this list about this - you 
might want to poke around, and check fedora's bugzilla.

> 5) Access to the box - I have ssh configured and I can ssh out of this
> machine to the rest of my house. But from the other machines, I can't
> get in... I can ping the box, but when I try ssh - I get the message "No
> route to host" - again, I doubt this is Fedora - but any suggestions
> would help...

This may be a firewall issue on your machine - if you run either 
'redhat-config-firewall' or 'lokkit' (I haven't got a fedora box to verify 
this on right now), you can enable ssh'ing into your machine.

Hope this helps,

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