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Re: unpacked SRPMs for updates

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003, Anton wrote:

> Where I can find unpacked src.rpm files for updates? I have very slow internet connection, so I need some sort of incremental updates such as provided by kerhel.org. It would be nice to download only new spec file and small patches than rebuild instead of downloading new binary packages.
That's an interestin problem.

My first response was why not but update CDs and get them posted.
I'm not being funny - Linuxemporium in the UK used to do them.
I'm sure there are other services. Posting a CD is cost effective!

The other thought is that if you could fine unpacked SRPMs online
somewhere you could rsync against them - rather than having someone
prepare patches for you.
So you rsync every night, rebuild any changed RPMs and install?

We are now are straying into the territory of Linux from
source distributions? Have you looked at Gentoo?
I guess Gentoo makes upgrades available as tarballs online.
Anyone know if it would be easy to unoack these tarballs and make
them available for rsync? Interesting....

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