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[Fwd: Re: Newcomers questions]

Neil B. Cohen wrote:

1) Instability - the system hangs - seems to be random but it locks up
completely. Mouse freezes, screen saver freezes, keyboard is gone - have
to power cycle to get it back. Sometimes it happens repeatedly - every 5
minutes or so. Other times, it will go for 1-2 days without any problem.
No idea what is going on - nothing in the log files that I can identify
as a problem....

Somebody else mentioned "check your CPU fan", "Don't overclock" and "check your RAM"
those are all good suggestions. I would mention one other thing....
Try setting your screen saver to just "blank screen" and see if that helps.
My ATI Radeon 9000 locks up when certain OpenGL Screen savers run. It doesn't happen
right away, but only after the screensavers run for a few minutes. When I set my screensaver
to blank screen it runs for months at a time. I guess this is a video card bug?

3) Upgrades? I think I have the 2nd beta version of the software - I
thought a new version came out this week, but it looks like the ISO
files are the same as the ones I downloaded. Where do I get kernel
upgrades? Should I get a new set of ISOs and start from scratch or can I
upgrade through to the release? I don't mind starting over - this is a
brand new system.

I just got the fedora-beta3 iso's and found that I could totally skip all the things about
RHN registration and RedHat registration and up2date tools (both GUI and command line)
"JUST WORKED" YIPPEEE!. I did notice that I had to do the gpg key add (which
I was automatically prompted to do anyway. And I noticed that I was subscribed to the
"RAWHIDE" channel. If you are using the 2nd beta you are probably using the old
RHN version of up2date, and not the new YUM version. Did you make sure you are
subscribed to the RAWHIDE channel for updates? You can do it through the
RHN web interface if you aren't sure. Then you should get all the updates you need
to keep you current with the fedora-beta3 release. Also, edit /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date
you will want to make sure that the options for "pkgskiplist" does not include "kern*"
and that

4) Printing - I have an Epson C80 printer - CUPS identifies it,
configures it and lpc tells me my test job is printing - but the printer
never starts - I don't know much about CUPS - any suggestions on
troubleshooting would help - I doubt this is a Fedora problem...

Try sending a form feed after each job. You can configure that through the
Cups configuration. (I forget whether you can use the redhat-config-printer GUI or
you have to use the CUPS web interface). Some of the printer drivers are
multipurpose in that they cover a whole bunch of printers, but the settings
have to be tweaked for an individual printer model.

5) Access to the box - I have ssh configured and I can ssh out of this
machine to the rest of my house. But from the other machines, I can't
get in... I can ping the box, but when I try ssh - I get the message "No
route to host" - again, I doubt this is Fedora - but any suggestions
would help...

Try doing "service iptables stop" and "service sshd start" and "chkconfig --level 345 sshd on"
You can use the "redhat-config-firewall" (I think that is it) to set your firewall rules to allow
incomming SSH connections, then when you restart the iptables it should work.

Thanks in advance,


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