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Newcomer's questions - things are improving...

My thanks to those who replied last night. I have managed to get
incoming ssh working - I had misconfigured the firewall during the
installation process - but lokkit let me fix that.

My graphics card is a Radion 9600 - I will try to get drivers for

The printer still won't print - I agree with whoever told me that the
web interface is nice but rarely useful - at least not for debugging
purposes for me...

One thing I forgot to ask about in my first message - Galeon was not
included in the original Fedora installation - is it available now?
Where can I find it?

And can someone bring me up to date on how (and when and how often) I
should be upgrading my Fedora kernel and the various other packages
(like evolution, galeon, etc. etc.) Running 'up2date' tells me the
system is up to date now - will that locate new kernels when they become
available or do I have to go hunting for patches and rpms? If the
latter, then where do I need to be looking?

Thanks very much for the help,


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