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Re: SATA question

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From: "Michael K. Johnson" <johnsonm redhat com>

> Fedora Core includes support for some SATA controllers.  I have no
> idea what's on that ASUS board, though.
It's the Intel 875 chipset I believe. I have a ASUS P4P800 with the Intel
865PE chipset and have had no luck whatsoever with getting SATA to work on
the latest Fedora install. I have found some documentation that says use the
2.4.22 kernel but you have to first install it with settings in
compatibility (basically SATA disabled) then upgrade the kernel to 2.4.22.
Last evening I found something saying that using a 2.4.22 SMP kernel and
SATA doesn't work either. Since I am using a Hyper-Threading CPU I have been
using the SMP kernel to take advantage of the technology. I will give a UP
one a try and see if SATA will work then.

> We're working on more SATA support over time...
Good to hear! I would hate to think I have a 120GB SATA drive that only
works with that other OS at this time :(.


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