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Re: SATA question

From: "Jeremy Katz" <katzj redhat com>
> That should work, AFAIK.  I have a similar box sitting on my desk here
> that I do installs on daily.  It's set so that the SATA is in enhanced
> mode and the installer then properly loads the libata and ata_piix
> modules to drive it.
Interesting... I tried the installation several times and it always caused
the box to hang when I had it set to enhanced. I have a 40GB on the primary
IDE, CDRW, DVD on the secondary IDE and the 120GB on the first SATA. When in
enhanced mode I choose the SATA drive to be the first drive rather than the
PATA one. I wish I could find out what exactly is causing it to hang but it
sometimes hangs right after a message saying that it's disabling UDMA on my
CDRW (/dev/hdc) or sometimes it makes it as far as "Checking for new

Once I get back home later this week I will mess around with it so more,
perhaps start removing other devices to see if that helps. Thanks for the
feedback, at least it gives me some hope :)


-- sorry for the bad formatting, using a company laptop and OE on the
road --

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