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Re: Potential Red Hat User

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 18:03, Kevin C wrote:
> I'm  kinda new to the whole linux world but have been seriously thinking of
> using it as my OS for a new computer I'm building.  Anyone know of any good
> literature for a new linux user like myself? preferrably for the fedora
> project... Any tips would be very helpful

http://rute.sourceforge.net/ - but go there with mozilla, AFAIK Internet 
Expolrer can not display .html.gz or just get 
http://www.icon.co.za/~psheer/rute.pdf.bz2 . I think because
--- cut ---

When I began working with GNU/LINUX in 1994, it was straight from the DOS 
world. Though UNIX was unfamiliar territory, LINUX books assumed that anyone 
using LINUX was migrating from System V or BSD--systems that I had never 
heard of. It is a sensible adage to create, for others to share, the recipe 
that you would most like to have had. Indeed, I am not convinced that a 
single unifying text exists, even now, without this book. Even so, I give it 
to you desperately incomplete; but there is only so much one can explain in a 
single volume.

I hope that readers will now have a single text to guide them through all 
facets of GNU/LINUX. 
--- cut ---
you'll find it usefull ;)
...and of course the RedHat documentation itself.
subscribing to some local linux user group mailing list helps also...

  Doncho N. Gunchev

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