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Re: CNET News Article

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 10:21:04AM -0500, Don Maxwell wrote:
> Second, one comment described Fedora as "possibly full of breakage."   I
> think the poster may be theorizing about potential future upgrades.  I
> certainly hope that the comment was not made on the basis of the
> stability of test releases!

I think a lot of that is overblown.  One of the more amusing bits of
"social engineering" in the last month or so is how Red Hat has convinced
a huge number of people to run "Rawhide" by calling it Fedora Core Test,
and issuing updates through RHN. My guess is that this is the most widely
tested release of "RHL" ever. :-)

And know what? Precious little has been utterly and truly broken.
In a few instances I've had to back out an update.  I've had far fewer
problems in updating my laptop daily than the guys in my office have
had with Windows security updates.  [Not to say that besting Windows is any
great achievement.]

So while there will be bugs and incompatibilities in any release, I'm
feeling pretty confident that FC1 will be better than any previous ".0"

Just one user's opinion ...


	Bill Rugolsky

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