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Re: CNET News Article

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 08:42, Bill Rugolsky Jr. wrote:

> And know what? Precious little has been utterly and truly broken.
> In a few instances I've had to back out an update.  I've had far
> fewer problems in updating my laptop daily than the guys in my office
> have had with Windows security updates.  [Not to say that besting
> Windows is any great achievement.]

You make some great points, Bill.  But as a small business man I can't 
take the time update or to back out updates daily.  Or even weekly, or 
monthly, or quarterly, or annually.  I need a server platform I can 
leave (with only security updates) for at least four years.

Perhaps Linux won't fill my needs.  But I'd like it to.

> So while there will be bugs and incompatibilities in any release, I'm
> feeling pretty confident that FC1 will be better than any previous
> ".0" release.

I hope so as well.  But I can't help remember how the mozilla project 
went, and I can't afford to wait through as long as that took.

> Just one user's opinion ...

And another's <smile>.

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