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Re: CNET News Article

Jeff Lasman said:
> We know that.  I was willing (and I still am willing) to pay the $60
> annual per system fee for RHN; it was Red Hat who decided to eliminate
> that model.
> Interestingly, there is an option.  I don't want to take it, but it's
> there, it's supported, and I may have to take it.  It's called FreeBSD.

I'm not sure I see the difference in the EOL model for FreeBSD:


"Each branch is supported by the Security Officer for a limited time only,
typically through 12 months after the release. The estimated lifetimes of
the currently supported branches are given below. The Estimated EoL
(end-of-life) column gives the earliest date on which that branch is
likely to be dropped. Please note that these dates may be extended into
the future, but only extenuating circumstances would lead to a branch's
support being dropped earlier than the date listed."

William Hooper

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