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Re: CNET News Article

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 03:02:45PM -0400, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Huh?  How is this ANY different from ANY previous release of Red 
> Hat Linux in any way?  Red Hat Linux beta releases have ALWAYS 
> been created from a snapshot of Rawhide.  That is by definition, 
> what a Beta is in the first place.

I know.  (Been using RH since 4.2.)  I think that you mistook
my praise for criticism.
> Absolutely nothing has changed in this respect whatsoever, other 
> than that hundreds and hundreds of people have for years now 
> requested that rawhide be also available via RHN, and now we've 
> made it also available via RHN.

And that was my point.  In previous betas, we'd duly install from
the isos, selectively updating packages that were of special interest
to us, or especially broken, by grabbing the latest from Rawhide (and
endure the dependency horrors that that sometimes entailed).

This time around, with yum repositories, and now up2date, keeping up
with rawhide was trivial, and as a consequence, I'm guessing that many
more people did so.  My point was that running the most bleeding-edge
configuration available was remarkably stable throughout the beta

So I think we are in vigorous agreement: kudos to Red Hat engineering!

> We do however do our best to try, and I think we do so very
> successfully even when a minority of people aren't happy with the
> end results, as there will always be people who fit that 
> category.  ;o)


	Bill Rugolsky

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