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Re: CNET News Article

Hi Jeff,

I have been following your interesting posts to the Fedora list and and
I certainly appreciate your concerns as well as your insightful
comments. My company currently has a server farm that is all FreeBSD.
Before you decide to switch to FreeBSD for stability and continuing
updates and patches, I suggest you have a look at the FreeBSD update
cycle (www.freebsd.org/security). Currently the oldest release that is
supported is 4.7 with 4.8 being the current release. 4.9 is in beta. 5.1
is out as a "new technology" release. 4.8 goes to end of life in March
of 2004. There will be no support for it after that! Generally there
have been three releases a year and any release older than a year is
EOL. The patch/update mechanism is to continuously update to the current

So the short story is look before you leap on FreeBSD.

Dave Rogers
Plano, Texas

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