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Re: missing RPM in desktop install -- xsri-2.1.0-6

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On Wednesday 22 October 2003 01:18 pm, Alan Peery wrote:
> I get 80%+ through installation of a default desktop installation,
> and the installation stops at "The package xsri-2.1.0-6 cammnot be
> opened. This is due to a missing file or perhaps a corrup package..."
> At this point the install will let me retry forever, but not skip the
> package and continue on.  Is there any way to work around this?  The
> md5sums of the .iso files are correct, so I don't think I've had a
> download problem.
> Detail:
> I happen to be installing the software under VMWare (version 3.0,
> running on a Windows XP host).  I've swapped the .iso files by
> suspending the virtual machine and "swapping cdroms" by renaming the
> .iso files on my hard drive.  I've used this technique many times,
> and it worked for 20 minutes following the switch, so I don't think
> this is likely to be the problem.
> Alan

Are you installing off CDs?  If so, run mediacheck.  I've downloaded 
ISOs, had MD5SUM work OK, but had a bad write to the CD and 
subsequently fail.

Mike W
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