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Fedora /Redhat article on Newsforge


...[Red Hat CTO Michael] Tiemann also said the software world "can no longer 
afford the folly of proprietary architecture."

Red Hat seems to be taking a cue from Sun's support of OpenOffice.org as a 
100% free project while selling essentially the same code, plus some add-ons, 
as StarOffice. OpenOffice.org experiments in ways that StarOffice does not. 
One example is an in-progress Mac OS X port. Successful experiments are 
available for later StarOffice inclusion.

Fedora, said Tiemann, will provide "the stimulus and the R&D" behind many 
future Red Hat innovations. And while Fedora explores the leading edge of 
Linux, Red Hat will concentrate on producing stable, mature enterprise 
products -- and, obviously, on marketing those products. 


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