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Re: Whats really new ?

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 06:42:11PM +0200, Lasse Kim Christiansen wrote:

 > But suddenly it dawned on me ? Is there any real news in Fedora Core ?
 > - Kernel update (well, we're kinda used to that)

The biggest 'new' feature this time round kernel-wise is probably
exec-shield.  This is also in RHEL, but isn't as new, nor has all
the features that the FC version has.
Additionally, theres laptop-mode, and a few other new kernel goodies.
(Release notes has more info)

 > What about the interactivity patches ? have they been compiled into the new
 > kernel ?

We have a backport of the O(1) scheduler changes that recently went into
2.6, which seem to be working out quite well.

 > Neither firestarter nor guarddog is included ? I would think that intergrating
 > some kind of personal firewalling thingy would be beneficial. The original tool
 > included within redhat-config-packages does not seem to do that much. And
 > monitoring like you can with watchdog would be great !

Agreed. I'd personally like to see something along these lines for FC2.

 > Was there not something about Fedora being a "bleeding-edge" distribution ?

Sure, but with just a few weeks until the final iso's are created, there
comes a time when you have to cut off on updates, and start QA.

 > One thing which i'm awaiting with much anticipation is the ability to use yum
 > and apt repositories. FINALLY .... that will make life several hundred times
 > easier combined with up2date for day2day updates.

up2date has done this for a while now. In fact, latest rawhide pulls are
done using yum.

 > I just think that fedora could do better !

We're working on it 8-)
For FC1 it was kinda difficult for a lot of outside-Red-Hat folks to get
involved with some aspects of the project. For FC2, hopefully we'll have
the infrastructure in place to make external input happen a lot easier.

 > PS: Now that i've complained i've gotta do my part. Downloading as we speak to
 > help with as much bug hunting (probably the only thing i can help with) before
 > the final release :-) 

Every little helps 8-)


 Dave Jones     http://www.codemonkey.org.uk

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