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Re: nvidia thoughts

Niels Weber said:
> I have never ever been abe to install any redhat graphically with a
> geforce card (tried geforce 2 mx, geforce 2 go, geforce 4 ti 4200,
> different monitors, different computers, btw: a tnt2 worked without
> problems), neither 8.0 nor 9 nor fedora. After the text based install
> I've never been able to get X to run. I always had to get the binary
> nvidia drivers to get X to run.

Have you ever put these problems in bugzilla?
> Redistribution of the nvidia-driver is allowed. Wouldn't it be possible
> (perhaps as an extra ISO-image or whatever) to allow the use of the
> binary driver from installation on? I understand that RedHat cannot
> support that driver but as it's now fedora and that isn't supported
> anyway, support issues shouldn't be a concern, or am I wrong there?

Distributing binary-only drivers is opposed to the goals of the Fedora

"Build the operating system exclusively from open source software."

William Hooper

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